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We no longer breed the Hahn’s Macaw. This page is for informational purposes only.



The smallest of the mini macaws, the Hahns weighs in at around 1/3 of a pound. Although small in size they are large in personality! They have no idea they are little. Hahns love to play, love to be with and on their favorite people. Their talking ability is superb and their voices are cute and cartoonish.

This is my middle son’s favorite bird! When I ask him why, he just says because they are cute and fun, and fun and cute.












When fully flighted they are fast! The newly fledged babies here dash and dart from place to place and person to person! We fondly refer to them as Gnats and Cootie Bugs. You just can’t get rid of them! (0:










A Hahns Macaw is a very touchable bird. They like to be on their backs and to be touched everywhere. They are very curious, loving to explore just about everything!








Even though small (remember they have no idea!) they can get territorial and bossy and deliver a painful bite. So they need to know early on what is and is not acceptable.

 This bird is an outgoing bird packed with personality.