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Wendy’s Parrots

Timneh African Grey

Timneh Greys, the little guys? Perhaps in size but not in personality. These little guys are just packed with personality and if you asked them they’d tell you they are not small at all!


Some of what you are going to read here may be contradictory to what you’ve read elsewhere or heard from someone else. So let me say that these are my observations from the many babies I’ve raised from multiple sets of parents.

Timneh’s are full of action, perhaps even hyperactive. They seem to be always on the go unless they are getting their little heads rubbed. My Congos will see something new and think about how to approach it or play with it or take it from me. But my Timneh’s will go full speed ahead right into the heart of the matter. They just do not take the time to think about their actions. They just have so much to do and their days just aren’t long enough Bowl of water? Gimme a bath! Toys? They’re all mine! Food? I saw it first! The mail is here? Oh, I can open that!

Something else I’ve not read about anywhere is their fearlessness. They have no idea how small they are. Take on a Congo! No problem, the Greenwing, just give them the opportunity. Sometimes they go out of their way to surprise attack another bird. I had a Timneh out of one of this years clutches (2002) that was flying after Sampson, and onto his back. Sampson is a 580 gram 3 year old Congo and he was on the run from this 300 gram Timmy. I really keep an eye on them because even though they think they are tough they are likely to get hurt if the big guy gets wise.

Timneh’s are not just hyperactive little terrors. They are also very sweet and cuddly. They are so outgoing. When I have visitors and a fledged clutch of Timneh’s out of their cages, that visitor is a brand new play gym. No one is safe. They are immediately all over you giving kisses, asking for head rubs, checking out the jewelry, the shirt seems, the eye glasses, etc. Timmies are a lot of fun! And Timmies know how to have fun!